about  Our Natural cultivation tea 

「This taste is that the tea tree is only as delicious as the hard work it put in」

I decided to embrace everything that happens naturally.

 Since ancient times, each region of the country has inherited the wisdom and experience of its predecessors, and the crops have been grown in response to nature.

 Over time, technological advances have centralized everything and standardized information.                          There is no doubt that density and stability have been achieved.
In the process, the disadvantages have been suppressed until now.
For example, it is now possible to keep it under control with medication so that pests and diseases don't interfere with it,and altering the taste by applying nutrition.
However, I think we are losing something in this one-way thinking.
We decided to try what would happen if we made tea with tea leaves that sprouted without interfering with the tea tree's attempt to adapt to nature (environment).
At first I was very anxious, wondering if it would turn astringent or sweet, or if it would wither away.
But with the encouragement of many people, we can be continuing until now.

The tea trees showed an amazing transformation.

 After a few years, we saw the appearance of the tea tree itself adapting to the pests  without being wiped out by the pests.

 Now every spring we have a small but bumpy and uneven I can't help but laugh at the new shoots sprouting up.


All the colors and shapes are not aligned.

 The tea leaves are always steamed or pan-fried on the day they are harvested to stop their fermentation. 

The tea leaves grown in the natural method can be docile or assertive, each has its own character. Each has its own personality that appeals to me by its aroma and hardness during processing. 
In the production process, the tea is rubbed in order not to lose its character.
It is strange that the taste of the natural cultivation tea changes from the time of the first tea in the spring to the time of autumn and winter after the storage period.
I can't explain well, does the flavor come together or does it become like a circle ? Waiting for fall and winter is one of the things to look forward to.

Sorry for the change in taste and shape every year.

 These days, spring comes early and summer is too hot, but I would be happy if you could feel the four seasons while drinking tea with a year's history of tea plantations (nature).


We would like to continue to make tea that is honest with nature and gentle to people.

Our natural cultivation tea