Enjoy Japanses tea at home Why don't you try using a Yusamashi?

 Have you ever heard of a "Yusamashi"? It's a convenient container for brewing delicious tea.
Our natural cultivation tea has a variety of flavors depending on the temperature of the hot water. This can be achieved by Yusamashi.
 When you pour boiling water into a Yusamashi, you can adjust the temperature of the hot water to your liking. In other words, you can let the hot water settle down. This step gives you the feeling that you are brewing the tea carefully, and it is a nice change of feeling.

 However, we do not recommend using overcooled water, as it will not enhance the aroma.
 One of the pleasures of natural tea is that the flavor changes as  every time you add hot water. If there is hot water left in the cup after the first use, the tea leaves will open up and become thicker before you drink it.

 It's a handy tool to evenly share the deliciousness when serving to 5 or 6 people.
 The size and design of 「Yusamashi」is up to you, but we recommend white, which shows the color of the brewed tea.

1,Boiling water to ‘Yusamashi’


Down to the last drop

4、Share the deliciousness with others